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IIT JEE Physics

Nuclear Physics

Introduction to nuclear physics.

As physics move into the 20th century just a very few physical phenomena appeared and unexplained however this view observations prove to be the tip of the Iceberg of results that lead to quantum mechanics at the time the wave theory of light and electromagnetic radiation wasn't particularly form bases due to work of Maxwell and others it was only when certain experiments involving the interaction of light with the matter be performed at the theory work appeared in complete in this experiment light interacted with single atoms molecules and electrons search experiments became possible only towards the end of the last century and hence we were initially few and number while the experiments for few they prove to be Expendables only by the development of the idea that light sometimes behave like a wave and some time like a collection of particle like objects call photons.

This protons as small bundle of light and discrete energy although this idea was radical it was soon accepted because it explain all the new observation so completely for the more as a complete quantum mechanics theory develop in the first decade of the new century photos were natural path of the theory the IIT joint entrance exams has seen to increase the weight of nuclear physics over the time and has given focus to the questions from Photoelectric effect X rays de Broglie wavelength matter waves work function and much more X rays are electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength and high energy which are limited.

Fast moving electrons or cathode rays strike at target with high atomic mass X rays are produced when energetic electron strikes a target such as a metal piece when the album collide with the atom of the solider lose their kinetic energy which is converted into Radiant energy in form of X rays X rays are of two types characteristic X rays and continuous X rays the kinetic energy of photoelectrons depends only on the frequency of the incident light and not on the intensity of the light the number of photoelectrons and hence the photoelectric current depends only on the intensity of the incident light and not on the frequency wearing filament voltage can vary intensity of the X-ray produced in the x ray tube experiment it from an x ray tube fall under 2 times continuously xrays there will depend on the accelerating voltage given by the note and characteristics of the material of the target

Atoms of first discovered in India vs that's right most of us don't know that of the first discovered in india however this is the truth and an Indian philosopher conceive that matter is composed of smallest individual discrete particles called atoms and atoms are again consists of 3 particles nucleus protons and neutrons which are inside the nucleus and nucleolus and the electron which revolves around the nucleus with centripetal force provided.

IIT JEE Mains examination for IIT JEE advanced examination commonly known as a joint entrance exam they will focus on all these areas checking the concept of the student and usability to understand the concept and on the decision on the understanding is if the student is able to do the questions or not so student needs to be clear at the concept and at the application level while giving joint entrance exams for the admission to most prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and other National Institute of Technology engineering institutes across India hope this article was helpful best of luck

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