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In this competitive world where every student from science is looking forward to crack IIT JEE the competition is increasing every year folds and multiples the level of questions is increasing and the way of asking the question is also making the questions difficult to solve questions year by year.
It is not like that IIT JEE examination has become tough recently we all know that from the very beginning this exam has always been tough and thus it is considered to be one of the very prestigious examinations of India and is considered to be one of the toughest examination across the globe.

The main trick to crack examination is not true the understanding of the theory but to the application of the theory in numericals we all know that the 15 lakh students appearing in this examination no the complete syllabus they know the basic formulas they know the basic theory but that doesn't mean that they will be able to clear the examination or even be able to clear the basic marks required to clear IIT JEE Mains. Does to clear the IIT JEE mains and advanced exam an aspirant needs to focus is 80% of the time on doing numericals. Either it be physics or chemistry or maths we have seen that the numerical level has been increasing year on year.

At Excel IIT coaching as well we focus much more on numericals & less on theory. Theory is quickly taught in the class and most of the times we expect students to come to the coaching preparing the theory themselves from their home so that the class can be dedicated to the numericals which is by far the ultimate game changer. One another important aspect of IIT JEE examination is actually the knowledge of derivation of the formulas because that forms the basic of the concept of a given subject does empowering the student to tackle the numericals in a much mature and efficient way. Derivations on the other hand include theory in themselves which again enables the student to remember the theory and apply in the numericals where ever needed.

If we talk about Physics, Physics starts with the motion including 1D motion 2D motion 3D motion relative motion circular motion Laws of Motion work power energy rotational motion followed by gravitation Fluids waves simple harmonic motion and finally thermodynamics in 11th. Physics of 12th starts with electrostatics followed by current electricity followed by magnetism followed by EMF which is again followed by Ray optics and wave optics and finally the nuclear physics which consists of the semiconductor and Photoelectric effect basically. All this above-mentioned chapters actually require a lot of application of the Physics concepts at a deep level. We cannot expect a student who has just red the concepts will be able to apply them in the IIT JEE examination. This is where the role of the coaching comes in and it is the teacher who tells the efficient way to an IIT aspirant to crack the exam efficiently. For IIT JEE it has been never about the number of questions are the number of chapters you do what is more important is the quality of studies that you have put in one particular chapter.

The solved numericals also play a very vital role in the preparation of a student because solved examples give a clear cut indication that how the theory is about to be applied does shaving a lot of students time energy and effort and giving him a right direction on how to do numericals of a particular chapter. Solved examples from various books should be done by every student and should be remembered a simple calculation says that if a student does 100 solved questions of every chapter and he does this for the complete 90 chapters then at the end of the year he has above 9000 solved question bank in his mind which will help in clear the IIT JEE examination with ease. IIT JEE examination is not difficult to clear ones the student gets hold of the right concepts its application practices the same does this solve numericals and then try his hands on the unsolved difficult problems. IIT JEE is all about the problem solving ability which helps the institute understand the IQ level of a particular student his strategy that he followed in exam and his application of the subject.

We at Excel IIT JEE coaching institute in Delhi try to impart the Crux of the knowledge to the students and then do a lot of numericals in class which is followed by a monthly test at the end of every month to evaluate what a student has learn in the complete month. This empowers the institute to check this standing of a student month wise Hans help them in riding on how to proceed. We're at Excel IIT classes also believed that a student and a teacher is like hand in glove the success of the student is 30% dependent on the teacher and 70% dependent on himself. Same is with the failure if a student is unable to crack the exam 30% of the failure is due to the institute and 70% Failure is considered to be because of the student himself.

1 very important aspect of IIT JEE examination is that it is firmly coordinated with all the Board examinations. It is a General misconception that we have seen among the students when they try to differentiate between the Board examinations and the IIT JEE examination however the experts say that the IIT JEE examination is simply asking the numericals based on the theory that the student has studied for the boards examination. Thus we can easily say that IIT JEE examination mains and advance and the boards examination they are both hand in gloves no student can clear IIT exam if he is we can board examination.

Excel IIT coaching has always been delivering it's hundred percent to make the students success in case of any doubt or any query regarding it examination please feel free to visit our Institute anytime and talk to our expert counselors to take the guidance or you can even come and meet the IIT JEE faculty members to discuss your strengths weaknesses and the strategy to clear IIT JEE examination.


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