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IIT JEE Physics


Introduction to Electrostatics.

Many students feel that in electrostatic charge remains address and hence formula derived in the electrostatics are applicable when charges at rest but the fact is that formula applicable when the charges in motion as well only difference is we will consider additional effects produced due to the charges in motion electrostatic deals with the study of forces field and potential arising from electrostatic charges like mass electric charges is an intrinsic property of protons and electrons in nature atoms are normally found with equal number of protons and electrons that is atom is electrically neutral the charge on electron and proton is the smallest amount of recharge that has been discovered

Charges of large magnitude at built up on an object by adding a removing electrons if any body there is excess of electrons over it's neutral configuration conventionally the body is said to be negatively charged and if there is insufficient of electrons it is said to be positively charged positive and negative charges are named by Benjamin Franklin. IIT JEE has a fixed syllabus for the Physics it includes electric field or electric field lines electric flux Gaus law and its application field due to infinitely long straight wire uniformly charged infinite plane sheet uniformly charged spherical shell

When you put some charge on a conductor it immediately spread out all over the conductor they charge is less when the conductor is more in surface area let's take a few words about the electrical charges charges are scalar in nature and they can be positive or negative they can be added algebraically charges are conserved during any process chemical or physical process during the chemical for nuclear decay the electrical charge of an isolated system remains constant charges are quantized you cannot have charges in fraction charges are always associated with some mass charge cannot exist without without mask however the mask and exist without charge charges are Transferable it can be transferred from one body to another body

Charges are invariant that they are independent of the frame of reference accelerated charges radiate energy charges at rest produces electric field accelerated charged particle produces both electric and magnetic field also they read it energy this is known as the electromagnetic theory for a conductor the charges always resides on the outer surface charge can be detected and measured with the help of gold leaf electroscope voltmeter organometal gold leaf electroscope consists of two bodies are attached to conducting post that are the conducting disco ball on the top the leaves are otherwise insulated from container gold leaf electroscope can be used in 2 ways if a charged body is brought near us charts electroscope Delhi will for the David is the short on the body say no to that on the electroscope and will usually convert a proposal that we will be able to determine nature of the charts on the body the starting point of electrostatics is equal I'm slow which states force between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of magnitude of the charges and is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them this forces conservative nature and is also called the Inverse Square Law the direction of the force is always along with line joining the point charges the two charges will be attracted towards each other is the charges are opposite sign and two charges will repel each other if they are of the same sign superposition theorem the interaction between two charges is independent of the presence of all the charges electrical forces are the vector quantity there for the net force on any charge is that the sum of all the forces exerted on it due to each charge interacting with it independently so

As far as IIT joint entrance exam is concerned they will not only change the conceptual knowledge of the students but they will also try to check the numerical knowledge of the student we know that every student knows the basic formula but knowing the basic formula never confirmed that you will be able to solve the question in IIT Joint Entrance Exam to do the question in the entrance exam we need to have prior knowledge and numerical solving ability so that he can do the question in exam.

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